FaceFuckTour – Karina Jimenez – Sexy Latina Petite Karina Jimenez Tries Antonio’s Main Dish

There are always friendly ladies in Colombia willing to help a lost tourist to find his way. This is Karina Jimenez, a sexy petite Colombian hottie who meet Antonio in a sunny day in the city. This babe was so good with him that he had to invite her over to thank her for her company. And what a greater way to seduce a chick is to offer her a homemade delicious meal. This chick is an easy going hottie and has no problems to follow Antonio to his place.

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Obviously she is not a fool and knows that tourist is not only being kind to her. The path is long enough to steal a kiss from that brunette beauty. Things were going so well that they arrive to Antonio’s home they hurry to that stud’s bedroom. Karina Jimenez is not sure about this.

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